Stewardship Committee

Stewardship doesn't start with me and what's mine. It starts with GOD and what's HIS. The Stewardship Committee endeavours to evoke and promote, to the Glory of God, the wise use of the time, talents and treasures gifted to us by God.

Christian Education Committee

This committee is concerned with the growth of persons in Christian faith and life. It meets to develop, co-ordinate and supervise programs. Sunday Church School, Confirmation, the youth group and the library are their responsibility.

Trinity Lutheran Church Council

The governing body of Trinity Lutheran is the Pastor and church council. Each term is for (3) years and according to the constitution, only two consecutive terms may be served. This calling is yet another opportunity serve the church. The committees mandated by the church council and the responsibilities of these members to the congregation ensure that the church functions smoothly throughout the year. A special nominating committee canvasses members in good standing to present to the congregation names for election. New members are elected at the Annual Congregational Meeting. At the first council meeting following the Annual Congregational Meeting, a Chair of Council, a Vice-Chair of council, a Secretary, and a Treasurer are elected from the members of the church council and committee chairpersons are appointed.

Church Property Committee

This committee sees to the proper maintenance and protection of all property of the congregation. Snow shovelling, mowing and general maintenance are done on a volunteer basis by members of the congregation.

Evangelism, Service and Outreach Committee

The Evangelism Committee's responsibility is to stimulate and lead the members to reawaken their personal spirituality and reach out to those to whom Christ and His Church are as yet unknown.

Worship and Music Committee

The Worship and Music Committee sees that the services throughout the church year are conducted regularly and in accordance with the liturgy of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Canada. Specific tasks of the committee include altar care and acolytes, organists and church choir, flower arrangements and coffee fellowships.