Council Members   Responsibility

 Pastor Charles Nolting


  Interim Pastor
Della Kreiger   Chairperson of Council
Elaine Bucholtz   Vice-Chair of Council, Social, Visiting 
Marja Zadow   Treasurer
Ken Kauffeldt   Stewardship

Laurie Twilley


Doug Twilley

Bill Zadow

  Property Committee
Majorie Steinke   Worship and Music, Trinity Lutheran Women
Markus Schwabe   Christian Education
Doug Chase    
Kayla and Kayla   Youth Members



  Contact Persons
Acolytes   Call church directly
Counters   Doug Chase
Envelope Secretary   Debbie Van Vehmendahl
Prayer Chain   Pam Radunsky
Trinity Website   Pam Radunsky, Debbie Van Vehmendahl
Connections Visiting Teams   Elaine Bucholtz, Pastor Glenda
Ushers & Lay Assistants   Wilf Meyer