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This event was an amazing gathering of people committed to building relationships. See the 500 North tab for more information about ongoing efforts.


Trinity News

Trinity members thank God for the gifts of our intern, Pastor Leena. She shared much with us over the past year and we pray for blessings on her ongoing faith journey. 

Congratulations! Rev. Brad Mittleholtz has been appointed Dean of the North Eastern District of the Eastern Synod ELCIC.  

TESL, the newsletter for our Eastern Synod, is a monthly source of the latest news in our Synod. Go to the Other page and follow the link for the Eastern Synod to access this resource. 

Dates to Note:

Trinity Youth

Contact the office for Youth events. Check out the ELCIC website for information about CLAY 2018. 

Trinity Women of Faith - Schedule

Meeting Dates for 2017:


Volunteer Opportunities:

Coffee Hour hosts - We have a wonderful time of fellowship after every service.  Many people love the friendships that are made during that time.  Would you like to be one of the organizers for this weekly event?  Call 705 674-4834 to make arrangements.

Flowers for the Altar - Would you like to make our beautiful sanctuary even more beautiful?  You could help with the flower schedule.  If you would like to give flowers for a service, maybe in memory of a loved one, just give the church a call at 705 674-4834.

Visiting Ministry - We believe that people should not be lonely.  If you believe the same thing, we would like to welcome you to our visiting ministry.  Please call the church.  We would love to talk to you about this opportunity

Evening Women's Group: We know that many women miss out on fellowship opportunities because of their life schedule - work, kids etc.  Most women's groups meet during the day.  That is not possible for some.  If you are interested in being part of an evening women's group please call the church at 705 674-4834.  We are conscience of your time limitations and we will work within them.

Helping Students at Sudbury Secondary School: As part of our outreach to the community, we are helping support in-need students at Sudbury Secondary School. We are contributing to the food vault, the clothing vault and providing sleeping bag quilts and personal care items. Also, we need hats, head bands and mitts. If you can help support this ministry, speak to  Sharon Martilla. 


We support the work of Canadian Lutheran World Relief around the world and during crises extra support is needed. Speak to Debbie about how you can contribute or go to the CLWR webpage for more information. 

PAR (Pre-Authroized Remittance)  is a great way to ensure your ongoing support for the ministries of Trinity, even when you are not able to worship with us. Contact the office to register. 

Use of Facilities: Trinity Council has approved a new document with guidelines for the use of our well-maintained, accessible facilities. Groups are welcome to check out the document at the link below. Go to the tab marked Other for more information. Or call the church office at 705-674-4834.

This form is here.  Call the church if you would like to use the facility and talk to Debbie.